In the News - Project Economy: 2,000+ Pack IWD, KCCI Job Fair


Des Moines IA (April 28 2009) Hundreds of central Iowa job seekers poured through the doors Tuesday into the packed Polk County Convention Complex for the IWD, KCCI job fair.

Organizers said early numbers show more than 2,000 participated in Tuesday's job fair.

One of the people they saw walking in the door at 501 Grand Ave. was Richie Hutchinson who is a recruitment officer for Great Western Bank.

"I'm the guy you come to when you're looking for a AQ job," said Hutchinson. "We have about nine to ten positions open in the Des Moines area right now."

Hutchinson is looking for everything from personal bankers to branch managers and said whomever Great Western Bank hires has to have an out-going personality.

"You've got to be sociable. You have to not be afraid to go up and talk to someone," said Hutchinson.

"We've got a customer base here that's giving us the opportunity to expand a bit. So, we're to put on about 10 regional, over-the-road truck drivers," said Scott Hollocher, of Averitt Express.

Hollocher is a driver recruitment coordinator for Tennessee based Averitt Express. He said a good personality is even a requirement if you want to drive a big rig.

Job search experts said one way to get ahead during a job fair is to watch the person in-line ahead of you to see what they do right and what they do wrong. Experts said body language and facial expressions say a lot to recruiters.

"I really think it's, you know, that first impression," said Kristi Judkins, of Iowa Workforce Development.Judkins said first-impressions are most impressive when you show employers you're confident, interested in working for their company, willing to learn and are comfortable with who you are.

"They might ask you, 'tell me a little bit about yourself,' so you need to be prepared to answer that question," said Judkins.

The job fair was from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. on Tuesday.

Iowa Workforce Development has about 7,500 open jobs in their computer database as of Tuesday. You can browse through the list on their Web site at www.iowaworkforce.org.

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