In The News - Fire fighters say 'Thanks, Arizona City'


Arizona City AZ (July 14 2009) The 4th of July festivities went off with out a hitch, except for a little dust, wind and rain. We started the show a little early because of the weather but it all went well and another great show was seen by many.

The success of the July 4th celebration is contributed to the great businesses and community members of Arizona City. Without all the help and donations it would not be possible to have the fireworks show that goes off each year. It takes a lot of donations to make it happen and everyone who donated helped this to happen. Whether you bought a raffle ticket on the TV, left your loose change in one of the donation cans, sent in a check or cash, bought a brat or hamburger, it all adds up and pays for the fireworks. A big thank you never seems to be enough, but thanks for your continued support it is always welcome. The TV was won by Karl Keeler of Arizona City.

The Arizona City Fire Fighters Association wants to thank some agencies and businesses for their sponsorships. First off, thanks to Scott Waddle of the Arizona City Golf Course for the use of his property for the fireworks show.

Thanks to Bill Lewallen of the Arizona City Sanitation Service, and Steve Knapper or Arizona City Trash Service for the donation of trash containers. Thanks to those who use the containers and shame on those who did not. We want to thank Sheriff Paul Babeu for his support and the Sheriff's office for the bicycle patrol during the festivities. It was a great honor to see the Sheriff make a showing at the celebration. Thanks to Linda Leary of Arizona City Ice for the donation of ice for the food booth ran by the Association. Many thanks to Frito Lay for the donation of chips and thanks to Jeff Rees of Premier Bakers of Arizona City for the donation of the hamburger and hot dog buns for the Association food booth.

Thanks to the following businesses for allowing us to put donation cans at their place of business: Great Western Bank, The Tumbleweed Market, M & K market, Mia's OK market, Dominos Pizza, The Dollar General Store, The Sanitary District, The Moose Lodge, Steve's Bar & Grill, Milo's Liquor Store and The Arizona City Golf Course.

Many thanks to all who sent in checks, thank you letters will be sent out next week. I want to thank the community of Arizona City for coming together and helping make the 4th of July a great celebration once again. Even with a slow economy it was possible to raise enough money to pay for the fireworks.

On behalf or the Arizona City Fire Fighters Association, Thank you.

Paul M. Sabel - AC Fire Chief

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