In the News - Great Western Bank donates to Parks and Recreation after school program


Eloy AZ (July 30 2009) Great Western Bank of Eloy is giving back to the community again. This time, the bank is donating money to the City of Eloy.

Eloy City Manager Joseph Blanton, Paul Anchondo, Bertha Payne, and Bank Manager Terry Strain and his employees were on hand for the donation.

The City of Eloy Parks and Recreation After School Program is the beneficiary of the kindness of Eloy's Great Western Bank. The bank, which donated $750 to Pinal Hispanic Council two weeks ago, again put their money where their mouth is.

Strain said they know the Eloy Parks and Recreation After School Program is such a great thing for the kids of Eloy, that they wanted to help them out as much as possible.

"We want to give back to the city and the Parks and Recreation's After School Program is a great place for kids to go and be productive after school," Strain explained.

The Eloy Parks and Recreation's mission statement is as follows:

The Eloy Recreation Department, is committed to improving the quality of life for all members of the Eloy community by providing a variety of sports activities, leisure opportunities and quality youth programs in the most productive and efficient manner.

Paul Anchondo and Bertha Payne work hard to run the After School Program and will be able to put the generous donation to great use for the kids who participate in the Parks and Recreation's programs.

The Eloy Parks and Recreation's after school program offers a variety of structured and well-supervised activities for kids in grades K-6. The program offers everything from arts and crafts, field trips, help with homework, and physical activities. The staff also helps the kids with achieving developmental goals and organizes the activities according to the many unique interests of the children.

The donation from Great Western Bank will go to help fund many of these activities and help to ensure that they are staffed and have ample equipment.

"The money will be used to fund arts and crafts, educational games, and field trips for the kids," Director Anchondo explained.

Great Western Banks rich tradition of being a community leader and contributor to the future of Eloy has never been more on display than now. They hope that their generosity and interest in the future of Eloy and its children will pay dividends for years to come.

Pictured (L to R): Margaret Cummings, Herminia Galaviz, Orlando Rojas, City Manager Joe Blanton, Bertha Payne, Paul Anchondo, Grace Espinoza, Ana Maria Valdivia, and Bank Manager Terry Strain pose as Great Western Bank donates money to The City of Eloy Parks and Recreation's After School Program.

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