Great Business Loans & Credit Lines

A successful business needs a sound credit program to meet short-term challenges and long-term goals. From financing new factory equipment to opening another branch location, Great Western Bank loans and financing options have your business covered. And since your needs are unique, we’ll work with you to develop a credit program that is individualized, innovative and invested in your success.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Real estate is often the most costly investment your company will make. We understand the importance of these purchases, and have experience helping companies evaluate and finance these important decisions. Whether it’s new construction, an existing building, or refinancing, we’ll help you maximize your investment and cash flow.

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Letters of Credit

Letters of credit are used to reduce credit risk to sellers in both domestic and international sales arrangements. With a letter of credit, you’ll have the backing of credit worthiness.

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Mortgage Warehouse Line of Credit

Mortgage Warehouse Lines of Credit provide short term interim funding to independent mortgage companies from the time of closing until the residential mortgage loan is purchased by a secondary market investor.

Our Warehouse Lending Department has consistently provided the accurate and timely funding of mortgage loans since 1993. With a system that allows you to request funds without paper and monitor your pipeline in real time, you will find our service to be prompt, personal and professional from credit approval to daily loan processing and funding.

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Revolving Lines of Credit

Need short-term financing for receivables or inventory? You’ll be covered with a revolving line of credit. Talk to your commercial lender to complete an application so when the time comes, you’ll be ready.

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Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

If you’re starting from scratch or expanding your business, we make it simple with an SBA loan. You’ll receive quick turnaround and low rates, because your business is important to us.

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Term Loans

Term loans are a great way to finance long-term capital needs such as equipment, expansion, construction, or the purchase of existing business. Contact your banker to discuss term options and a plan that’s best for you.

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Working Capital Loans

Need a short-term loan to increase cash flow? A working capital loan is great for quick cash, especially in emergencies. It’s also a great way to increase cash flow to invest in business opportunities.

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