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Great tomorrows start with educating yourself today. Get the knowledge you need to achieve your big dreams, small dreams and even in-between dreams.  Use our calculators to help determine a budget, to get an overview of your financial status or to find out what your payments might be on a loan.

Where are you on life’s journey? Take the path through our lifestyle survey to find out whether you’re a Starter, Aspirer, Achiever, Maximizer or Cruiser.  Just answer a few questions about yourself to find the best combination of Great Western Bank products and services for you. We’ve got the products and services you need – wherever you might be in life.  Take the Products By Lifestyle survey!

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Account Access

24/7 convenient access to your accounts.

Auto Loan Calculator

Quickly calculate your monthly car payment.

College Calculator

How much is enough to save for your child's college education?

Credit Card Calculator

Plan out your payments to become debt-free.


Common questions and Great Western Bank solutions.

FDIC - EDIE The Estimator

Use the easy-to-use online FDIC tool to determine your FDIC insurance coverage.

Protect Yourself & Your Business

Protect yourself against fraud.

Home Mortgage Learning Center

Make shopping for your home a great experience.

Products By Lifestyles

What does your personality say about your banking needs?

Retirement Calculator

Retire at exactly the age you want to.

Safeguard Your Money

Get the facts on why Great Western Bank is one of the safest banks in America.

Savings Calculator

Tuck away something for the future.

Verified by Visa

Protect your online purchases when using your Great Western Bank Visa Debit and Credit Card.