Mortgage Checklist

The following information is usually required during the loan process:

  • Driver’s License
    • Copy
  • W2s
    • Most recent 2 years
  • Tax Returns
    • Most recent 2 years, with all schedules
    • Personal and Business, if applicable, including,1099 and/or K-1s, if applicable
  • Profit/Loss Statement
    • YTD if self-employed 
  • Paystubs
    • Most recent 30 days
  • Mortgage Statement
    • Most recent, for all residential properties owned, including rental agreements, if applicable
  • HOA Billing Statement
  • Bank Statements and/or Retirement Statements (other than Great Western Bank)
    • Most recent 2 months
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Annual Billing Statement
    • Most recent, for all residential properties owned
  • Additional Documentation as Required


For purchase transactions:

  • Purchase Agreement – fully executed, including all addendums
  • Earnest Money Check – cancelled check copy
  • Gift Letter and Documentation (if applicable)