Great. And Growing.

Banks grow when they're strong. At Great Western Bank, we have a proud history of prudent, reliable banking practices backed by a solid financial network. And that's helping us - and our customers - grow stronger every day.

What makes us safe and strong:

1. Our Conservative Approach

Many of the issues facing the financial services industry today are tied to subprime lending practices, which Great Western Bank has not been exposed to or participated in. Great Western Bank continues to focus on traditional safe and sound banking practices, such as gathering deposits, making loans and investing in the communities we serve. We are proud of our adherence to consistent, well-articulated lending fundamentals that allow us to meet the needs of our customers locally, while protecting the bank’s balance sheet and earnings potential.

2. Guaranteed Protection

Deposits at Great Western Bank that share the same ownership are insured by the FDIC for up to $250,000 per customer.  Deposits that a customer maintains in different ownership categories may be separately insured up to the insurance limit. By carefully structuring account ownership, a customer can have more than $250,000 in FDIC protection, and in some cases up to $3,000,000 or more. Speak with a banker for available options.

3. A solid foundation.

Great Western Bank is further strengthened by its relationship with parent company National Australia Bank (NAB). NAB is a AA-/Aa2 (S&P and Moody’s, respectively) financial services institution and was ranked as the 18th safest bank in the world according to Global Finance Magazine, September 2012 (see reverse side.) In addition, NAB has over 10 million customers and is currently celebrating 150 years of global success.

4. Long-term Financial Strength

Our history of producing strong earnings results, along with our capital strength, establishes Great Western Bank’s operating staying power well into the future. As of September 30, 2012, Great Western Bank had total assets of $9.0 billion according to US GAAP accounting standards.

5. Stability and Deep Resources

We are a strong financial institution with nearly a century of sound and prudent banking practices. We continue to operate well in excess of the regulatory capital thresholds to be considered a “Well Capitalized” financial institution.

Great Western Bank is as strong as the communities we serve and continues to be a leading community bank. Still have questions?

Contact us or stop by your nearest Great Western Bank location to talk with your banker today.