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FAQs About Mobile Banking

Let’s take a look at some common questions our customers and members have asked about mobile banking.

Great Western ebanking mobile banking allows you to manage your finances on your schedule, day or night, from your device of choice. Simply download the FREE Great Western ebanking app available through the App Store®, on Google Play™ or at the Amazon Appstore. With all of the same functionality and features of online banking, mobile banking gives you the convenience to bank wherever you are through the mobile app.

Let’s take a look at some common questions our customers/members have asked about mobile banking:

Q: What is required to use the Great Western ebanking mobile app?
A. To use the Great Western ebanking app, you must have a Great Western Bank account. If you are not yet enrolled in Great Western ebanking, you can do so directly through the mobile app by clicking the Sign Up icon from the app home screen or online.

Q: Is mobile banking safe?
A: YES! Mobile banking is protected with layered security technology making it safe and secure. No identifiable personal information, such as your account/member number, will be sent or stored on your device.

Q: Can I deposit checks using the mobile app?
A: Yes! With mobile check deposit through the Great Western ebanking mobile app, your device has been turned into a bank teller and night deposit box, all in one. This time-saving function is easy to use and lets you deposit checks as soon as you receive them. First, log in to your account, then you’re ready to tap, snap and deposit:

  1. TAP on Check Deposit/Deposit Checks within the app, choose your account and enter the amount
  2. SNAP a photo of the front and back of your check
  3. DEPOSIT your check!


Q: What type of mobile device is required for mobile banking?
A: The Great Western ebanking app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android (both phone and tablet) and Kindle devices. Be aware that data usage charges may still apply.

Q: What are the main features of the Great Western ebanking mobile app?
A: The Great Western ebanking app features a modern design and layout. Access your accounts from your device of choice wherever you are. The app features a user-friendly experience and allows you to view balances without logging in with the quick balance feature. Once logged in, you may view checks, add bill pay payees and set up push notifications.

Q: Can I dispose of my device safely if it has mobile banking on it?
A: Although your information is not stored on your mobile device, we recommend you delete any text messages and delete the Great Western ebanking application, as well as clear any browser history from the device before disposing of it.

Q: Can I pay my bills using the mobile banking app?
A: Yes. Bill pay is available within the Great Western ebanking app. To enroll, log in to Great Western ebanking online using the same login credentials you use for mobile banking, and click the Bill Pay tab. After enrolling online, bill pay can also be accessed through your mobile app.

To learn more about Great Western Bank’s mobile banking app, visit the webpage, call us at 1-800-952-2043, or stop by one of our branches. We’ll be happy to set you up on your mobile device so you can maximize your account access as soon as possible.

Information is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal or financial advice.


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