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Use these Tools to Proactively Manage Your Money

Great Western Bank ’s online and mobile banking come loaded with modern tools created specifically to help you stay on top of your finances. Tools that help you manage account balances, anticipate and help avoid overdrafts and react quickly to help minimize fees if you do overdraw your account. It only takes a few minutes to set them up. Once you start utilizing our innovative tools, you'll probably find it's easier to keep your finances running smoothly. When finances are running smoothly, you’re more likely to keep your money instead of spending it on overdraft fees.

Read on and ask yourself if you are taking advantage of these tools and alerts? Maybe today's the day to start.

Alerts that help you keep track of your money.

Our new release of Great Western ebanking includes alerts that are ’near real-time’. For example, if your balance gets lower than, say, $50, we'll let you know via text or email within the hour. This way you can quickly transfer funds or make a deposit to help avoid an overdraft.
Here are some alerts you can start using, right now:

  • Low Balance Alert — know if your balance dips below a dollar amount you specify
  • Account Overdrawn Alert — know when your account balance goes below $0
  • Daily Account Summary — the daily account summary is an email delivered to you the day after a business day (generally Tuesday through Saturday) and includes transaction details, total deposits, withdrawals and current balance as of the end of the previous business day.
  • Debit Card Alert — know if a transaction exceeds a dollar amount you specify
  • Direct Deposit Alert — know when a Direct Deposit has posted to your account and that money is available to spend
  • Bill Payment Alert — know if a bill payment exceeds a dollar amount you've specified
  • ATM Withdrawal Alert — know if an ATM withdrawal exceeds a dollar amount you specify

To set up the Account Alerts that work best for you enroll in Great Western ebanking.

Got a cell phone or tablet? You can bank from just about anywhere, at any time, with Great Western ebanking.

Download the Great Western ebanking app and you can take your accounts with you. You can have the account access and security of banking at greatwesternbank.com, with the convenience of your eligible mobile device. Hear what some other customers have to say about our mobile app.

Visit our Great Western ebanking page to learn more and download the app.

You can also visit greatwesternbank.com from your mobile browser, and simply log on.

Text banking lets you check your account information when you want.

Set up your account alerts after logging into our online banking solution, called Great Western ebanking. It’s under the Additional Services tab, labeled Text Banking & Alerts.

Once there, enter your phone number and click Activate. An activation code will be sent to your phone. Enter the code in the Great Western ebanking window when prompted and start down the path of more actively managing your finances!

Choose up to two mobile phone numbers and one email to receive the alerts.

About to make a purchase and think your balance may be running low?

Check with us first. Simply send a text ("BAL") to 454545 to get started, and we'll send you a text back with your available balance. Text banking can help you with more than just your balances. Using a number of simple text commands, you have the power to quickly access account information whenever you want it (all you need to do is text them to 454545).

View a list of all text banking commands (pdf).

Easily make check deposits using your mobile device.

Download our Great Western ebanking App, sign up for Mobile Check Deposit and you don't have to go to the bank to deposit checks.
The convenience of not having to drive to the bank to deposit a check, may allow you to get money into your account a few days before a bill is due, which in some cases will help you to avoid an overdraft fee. Be careful and plan ahead though, as deposits are not always immediate and may take a day or two to post in your account.

It's safe and secure and you get an immediate confirmation.

Now you’re ready to tap, snap, and deposit:

  1. TAP on Check Deposit/Deposit Checks within the app, choose your account and enter the amount
  2. SNAP a photo of the front and back of your check
  3. DEPOSIT your check!
  4. For more information visit greatwesternbank.com/ebanking

Text message banking alerts at sent at 6:00 A.M. CT the following day. Please establish appropriate alert levels to allow adequate time to react. Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency depends on account settings. You may text STOP to 454545 to cancel service or text HELP to 454545 for help.

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