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Best Practices for Cyber Security on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By Jaimes Badillo, GWB ISO


Cyber-thieves are preparing malware and spam campaigns to catch retailers and shoppers during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Watch for an increase in spam and phishing emails crafted to catch people seeking bargains!

8 Best Practices for Cyber Security on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Public reports describe over 500 data breaches and more than 1.2 billion records stolen this year alone.

  1. Limit use of Personal Identifiable Information
  2. Increase Default Security Settings
  3. Use $tr0ng3r Passwords
  4. Look Out for HTTPS
  5. If Possible, Use and Have Multiple Digital Identities
  6. Limit What You Do Over Public Wi-Fi and Use the Following Best Practices
  7. Before “Clicking” Stop, Think and Check if it is Expected, Valid and Trusted
  8. Use Credit Card or Secure Payments Versus Debit Card

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