Bank employees deliver meals during the harvest season

Kindness is in Our Hands

By Macala Carter, GWB Diversity & Inclusion Council Member

World Kindness Day is celebrated annually on November 13. This is a day intended to highlight good deeds focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness. Julie Kellner, Cash Management Manager from Clive, Iowa shared, “Kindness changes everything; kindness is powerful.” To support Julie’s response on kindness, researchers have found a positive feedback loop between happiness and kindness. Undertaking acts of kindness makes one happy, and people who are happy tend to be kinder to others.

Here at Great Western Bank, we sponsor a culture of kindness. Megan Maxon, Product Manager in Sioux Falls, South Dakota shares, in “every interaction with co-workers and customers, we have the opportunity to be kind.”

Kindness is not evasive; it is a cognizant choice we make. Recently, several of our GWB teams, across several states, took to the fields delivering sack lunches to their local farmers. Another such situation included honoring our military families by proving backpacks and school supplies to their children. Amanda Andrews, Branch Manager in Bellevue, Nebraska shares, “Kindness to me is one of our pillars here at Great Western Bank.”

Soon the holidays will be here, and at GWB we hold in great esteem the dedication and kindness of our employees. Already, volunteer efforts have begun at local food banks; partnerships with Title I schools for holiday meals are being arranged; and special care is being assigned to families unable to provide winter essentials for their children—all because our employees exemplify an attitude of kindness. Paul Logan, Operations Manager in Sioux Falls, South Dakota shared “To me, kindness means doing something that will help or impact someone else in a positive way.”

As we capture the tenor of World Kindness Day on November 13, 2018, I think we should be mindful that, as stated by Jack Hamilton, Branch Manager in Fort Collins, Colorado, “Kindness is something you do or show under no obligation to provide it—you do or show it because you want to help someone receiving nothing in return except the knowledge you made a difference to that person.”

Kindness is in our hands and we do have the ability to make a difference.

If you are looking for tips on how to honor World Kindness Day, offer these suggestions:

  • Be kind and do random acts of kindness.

  • Smile at strangers and do kind things for them. Give up your seat on the bus to someone else.

  • Buy someone’s coffee for them. Volunteer your time at the local soup kitchen. Leave a kind note for someone.

  • Kindness should not only be served for our fellow human beings. Be kind to animals and to the environment as well.

  • If you have children in your life, teach them the virtue of kindness by practicing it in your daily life.

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