Over the shoulder view of a computer screen displaying Great Western Bank's Money Management feature

Eliminate the Surprise

The Great Western Bank Money Management Tool Can Help

February 13, 2019

By: Brooke Rollag

Life is full of surprises.

But when it comes to our finances, it’s best to eliminate any unknowns. Taking the time to budget and making a follow-up plan can help.

Break it Down

Great Western Bank can help simplify your planning process with the use of our Money Management Tool.

Screenshot from within Great Western Bank Money Management

Track Spending

The Great Western Bank Money Management Tool helps track spending with a single click to auto-generate your budget and help keep you on track.

Breakdown expenses annually, monthly, and daily.

Screenshot from within Money Management

Take Control

From there write down your hopes, dreams and aspirations along with a timeline. If you don’t plan for these dreams, who will?

Goals feature from within Money Management

Break it down. Track Spending. Take Control.

Net worth feature within Money Management

Learn more about our Money Management Tool.

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