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Budgeting Can “Spark Joy” For Your Money

By Jack Hamilton – Branch Manager, Fort Collins, CO

I recently read Marie Kondo’s best-selling book “Spark Joy,” which shows you how to live in harmony and peace with all the things in your home. By only keeping items that “spark joy” in your home, you learn to live in the present and free yourself from items that clutter your life and have served their purpose. Why not apply the same spark-joy principles to your money? Budgeting is the primary way to take inventory on how, what and where you spend your money. A budget is a method to tidy up financially.

The best way to tidy-up our financial lives is to figure out where our money is going. Creating a budget is critical to this process and one that most people avoid because they think it will limit their spending, eliminate “fun” money or is just too much work. But in reality, a budget will help free yourself from worry, give you more purchasing power and it is much easier to do with free budgeting tools like Great Western Bank’s Money Management tool. You can create a budget that can “spark joy” for your money and life. The first step is giving it a try and being open to change.

Would you set out on a long road trip without planning? Would you leave with a nearly empty tank of gas, no maps, no GPS to guide you and no particular destination in mind? You might get somewhere without a plan, but it will take a lot of stops and starts, take longer, and you may not end up where you really want. Managing your money is a very similar concept – if you’re constantly running low on funds (gas tank), have no plan (map) or goals (destination), how do you expect your money to accomplish anything?

Set your mind to using a budget. That is the hardest part about budgeting – setting it up and learning how to do it. Once you are over that hurdle, it’s a matter of maintaining it, making adjustments and enjoying the satisfaction that you are in control. I use, and highly recommend, Money Management because it makes budgeting easy, sets it on autopilot and most importantly, allows you to declutter financially and instead “spark joy” with your money.

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