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Benefits of Local Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals

Benefits of working with Local Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals

By Scot Namanny, a Mortgage Originator with Great Western Bank in Sioux Falls 

Stock image depicting a local mortgage officer working with his clients

These days it’s easy to find a lot of options to help you finance and purchase a home. Is working with a large national lender or realtor the best decision? Here are a few reasons why I believe working with local professionals is usually the best choice.

Area Knowledge

Realtors and lenders in the market where you are looking to purchase know the area, the neighborhoods, the schools, parks, and activities that are close by. This saves you a lot of time from having to research and view on your own.

Lending Knowledge

Every state has different requirements when financing a home. For example, some states require a pest inspection and some do not. Some states require a survey to obtain title work while others do not. Using a lender that is familiar and knowledgeable with the state/area you are purchasing in can definitely save you from having to pay for things than may not be required.


Maybe the most important reason why using a local professional is the best choice comes down to availability. Before and after you close on a home purchase, you may have questions. Using a local lender and realtor will provide you with more access. You don’t have to call an 800 number to talk to someone. When you use someone local, you can call or stop by the office as needed to discuss anything.

When it comes to purchasing a home, there are many, many decisions to make. Using local professionals that understand the area and what you are looking for as a buyer should definitely be one of them.

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