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5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Great Western Bank is committed to working with businesses of all sizes. We strive to help increase our business clients’ profits and improve their financial stability. The rise of digital marketing and social media has made it easier for small businesses to achieve actual results with a smaller marketing budget.

We assembled a few of our marketing and communications experts from within the bank to share advice and help you plan your marketing efforts for the upcoming year.

1. Stop one-time campaigns

Use social media and content publishing on the web to grow and improve your overall digital presence. Don’t utilize these platforms for one-time campaigns or abandon them when the results are not immediate. Instead, include them as a critical ongoing part of improving your brand’s overall digital experience.

Pro Tip: The content your business shares online should provide value to your customer base.

2. Optimize towards a goal

Marketing efforts should be unified in working towards a central goal. Materials should all help further your company towards that realized goal.

Pro Tip: Ensure proper tracking is in place to know where you are at, at any given moment in relation to this goal.

3. Use the data

No matter how big or small, you know the most about your business and its customers. Log the information you collect and use it to improve the experience you provide to your customers.

Pro Tip: Make note of the date you make strategic or operational changes. Observe how the data collected is affected by these key changes and use that information to drive future marketing decisions.

4. Go mobile 

Information is increasingly consumed on-the-go. If your company isn’t communicating in a mobile-friendly manner, this is the year to make that happen.

Pro Tip: See how your website displays on a smartphone using this free mobile-friendly test.

5. Use email 

Email marketing is not dead. It’s actually a quite cost effective and powerful tool for marketing. Just be sure to ask permission, no one likes spam in their inbox. Learn more about CAN-SPAM regulations here.

Pro Tip: Test sending emails at different times of the day to determine which time works best.

You can trust Great Western Bank to work with you on the road to business success. Find a business banker near you.

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