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How to Choose a Financial Planner, Investment Manager or Trustee

By Kristi Metzger, SVP Wealth Management, Sioux Falls, SD

One of the most important decisions you will ever make is who you choose to manage your money. There are many people competing for your business and not all advisors are doing what you might expect them to. So where do you start? What questions should you ask? We’ve prepared a few key questions to ask anyone you are considering to manage your money.

  1. What services do you offer?
    It’s important to know which areas of financial planning an institution or advisor can assist you with. By having this question answered you will be able to determine if they can meet your needs.
  2. What credentials, licenses and other qualifications do you have?
    Working with well-qualified advisors benefits clients because credentials often require the advisor to not only adhere to a certain code of conduct, but also to meet continuing education requirements in order to maintain an active status.

  3. Can you provide references?
    First hand references from current clients regarding the advisors performance, communication and other aspects of service should play a big part in your selection process.

  4. Are you able to meet for an introduction?
    Meeting face-to-face with the advisor is your opportunity to get a feel for what you can expect your relationship and service to be like in the long term. In this case, trust your instincts.

  5. How are you compensated for your services?
    In this aspect, transparency is key. It’s best to understand exactly how your advisor is compensated to ensure the advice you receive is not conflicted. 

At Great Western Bank, we pride ourselves on transparency and think you should expect that from your advisor. We want you to understand our process. We believe in relationships, and want you to understand your investment strategy, your goals, and how your financial plan is working to meet your goals.

Are you ready to begin working with a trusted partner as you move along your financial journey? Contact a Great Western Bank Wealth Advisor today to get started.

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