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Wealth Management: More Than Trust Accounts

By Kristi Metzger, SVP Wealth Management, Sioux Falls, SD

Many people think you need a trust account to do business with us. Years ago, our department name implied we were only a trust department but we have since evolved into what we are today, Great Western Bank Wealth Management. While many of our clients have trusts we manage, the majority of our job is helping people manage their money.

Not only do we manage money for people and businesses, but we also offer financial planning services for our customers. We are focused on goal-based planning for individuals and can help them focus on what is really important to them during whatever stage of life they are in. We still provide all of the services you would expect us to, such as managing trusts, but we have evolved into a department that really is a professional money manager.

Our team develops customizable strategies built with an understanding of our clients’ goals and objectives. Our high level of service, in combination with our disciplined investment process, allows us to build long-term relationships.

Are you ready to begin working with a trusted partner as you move along your financial journey? Contact a Great Western Bank Wealth Advisor today to get started.

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