Heartland Ag leadership poses with their business banker from Great Western Bank

Relationships Matter

“Great Western Bank has been a key asset to Heartland AG Systems’ growth in the ag industry. Their staff has proven to be a valuable resource and advocate.”


Heartland AG Systems

Heartland AG Systems is an agricultural distributor specializing in long-time fertilizer and crop protection application equipment. The recent merger of AG Systems, Inc. of Hutchinson, Minnesota, and Heartland AG of Ames, Iowa, created the largest Case IH commercial application equipment distributorship in North America. Heartland AG has an impressive footprint with nine locations across ten states, from the upper peninsula of Michigan to Colorado and from North Dakota to Missouri.

They’ve been working with Great Western Bank and Group President Tom Sonderegger since 2014.

“Heartland AG Systems is a really exciting company to partner with,” said Sonderegger. “The caliber of Heartland AG Systems and their leadership vision is a great complement to Great Western Bank – we’re both determined and growing in our industries.”

Eric Mallak, Heartland AG Systems Chief Financial Officer, agrees. “Our partnership with Great Western Bank has allowed us to take advantage of different opportunities in the ag industry over the years. They have continuously and consistently provided responsiveness and top-notch customer service to us throughout our relationship.”


“After a peak in agriculture, the industry entered a four-year downturn,” explained Heartland AG Systems President Arnie Sinclair. “We capitalized on opportunities to establish Heartland AG Systems as the largest CASE IH application dealer in North America. Great Western Bank was instrumental in offering tools, products, solutions and expertise to enable this growth and position Heartland AG favorably.”

“Their staff has a great understanding and familiarity of our industry and business needs,” he continued. “We use Great Western Bank for our primary banking and lending needs. We utilize deposits, money market accounts, line of credit and lending products. But their staff is a key “product” too: we’ve formed strong relationships with them to fulfill our strategic and day-to-day needs.”

In late 2019, Great Western Bank will also be assuming a fiduciary role for Heartland AG Systems’ 401(K) plan, advising the company and educating participants as they manage their retirement funds.

As the sixth largest farm lender in the United States, Great Western Bank has the depth of knowledge and expertise to help companies like Heartland AG Systems achieve their goals.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to have a long relationship with a company like Heartland AG Systems and watch them grow. To know we’ve been a part of that behind the scenes is what keeps me engaged in my job and with my customers. I want all of my customers to be successful and I think Great Western Bank offers the products and tools to do that,” said Sonderegger.


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