Leadership from Raining Rose poses for a picture with their Great Western Bank business banker.

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Service Matters

“It takes the resources of a bigger bank like Great Western to support that. We’re not going to outgrow Great Western Bank any time soon.”

Raining Rose

Raining Rose in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is a turn-key manufacturer of organic skin care products. As one of the largest lip balm manufacturers in the United States, they’ve grown from start-up to industry leader in a few short years.

Chuck Hammond, Raining Rose CEO, moved his banking relationship to Great Western Bank where he saw the potential business advantages of working with a larger bank and Great Western Bank Market President Dave Parmley.

“I always felt that Dave took us on as a personal investment – not just Raining Rose, but me too,” said Hammond. “We had some really challenging times and Dave was there for us every step of the way.”


“Chuck’s partner passed away in 2005,” said Parmley. “I had to work through a complex buy/sell agreement and then modify the loan documents. It was a stressful time for them and I tried to make the transition as easy as possible.”

In 2008, devastating flooding put the entire facility under water. Raining Rose had to operate out of five different facilities as a temporary solution. Dave was right there to help in any way possible.

“Dave showed up and maintained a sense of humor and civility during a really hard time,” stated Hammond. “Candidly, the fact that he could joke made me more comfortable and I knew that we could get through this. And we did get through it – with Dave’s support. He helped us move forward. Dave showed his true character during those challenging times. His move to Great Western was really the catalyst that pushed me to look at moving my business to a larger bank. I knew that if they hired someone like Dave, they’d be a good fit for me and my business.”

Parmley agrees. “Having a client of this size and complexity challenges me and our team. But we welcome the challenge because it pushes us to provide an even greater level of service, truly customized to their unique needs. I enjoy working with Chuck and his key leadership group on solutions, and being a resource for them as they continue to grow and invest in their business. I enjoy offering a variety of commercial banking services that complement near and long-term needs and objectives, and can be a contributing factor to their success.”

As Raining Rose enters a new chapter of growth, they’re confident that Great Western Bank can meet their banking needs.

“We’re investing in bigger, more expensive equipment and more infrastructure,” said Hammond. “It takes the resources of a bigger bank like Great Western to support that. We’re not going to outgrow Great Western Bank any time soon.”


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