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What is an Investment Strategy and why you need one.

If you’re like most people, you probably plan in detail for big things like family vacations, purchasing a home or car and you might even plan for the little things like meals and your workday. So why not apply that same attention to the often forgotten but important task of investing your money. When investing it’s important to utilize a well-planned strategy to improve your chances of reaching your goals.

Think of an investment strategy as the game plan to your portfolio. Creating a personalized investment strategy will allow you to better understand how potential investments may perform and allow you to consider whether or not a certain opportunity aligns with your goals.

At Great Western Bank we offer a Second Look Service for prospects or clients to analyze their current investment statement to see how it compares to ours. Some things that we look at include:

  • Are you properly diversified?
  • Are you taking too much risk?
  • Are you in the right investment strategy?
  • How are taxes affecting your overall portfolio?
  • Are you being charged more than you thought you were?

As we review your portfolio we will make recommendations that may significantly impact your overall investment strategy. We would love the opportunity to help you analyze your portfolio. We can customize a plan that is built just for you!

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