Great Western Bank Credit Cards can now be added to your device's digital wallet.

Why You Should Add Your GWB Card to Your Digital Wallet

Great Western Bank credit cards are now eligible to be added to a digital wallet, just like your Great Western Bank debit card!

Digital wallet popularity continues to grow every year, with more and more merchants accepting this payment type every day! Have you added your GWB card to your digital wallet yet? If you haven’t, here are three of the top reasons to take that leap:

1. It’s Convenient

If you’re like most people, chances are you have your mobile device with you everywhere you go. Adding your Great Western Bank debit and credit cards to your digital wallet on your device means one less thing to carry – and one less thing to remember. Not to mention, Great Western Bank cards can be added to many wearable devices too, including compatible Apple, Samsung, Fitbit and Garmin watches!

2. It’s Safe

Digital wallets offer controls you can put in place to ensure that purchases made with your device are authenticated by you by requiring a PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition. This isn’t something you can do with your physical wallet. Additionally, when using your GWB card within your digital wallet to make a purchase – whether in store or within an app – your full card number is never provided to the merchant. Instead, a unique one-time passcode, known as a token, is used to send the merchant your card information, making it virtually impossible for your card information to be stolen.

3. It’s Fast

We all love the chip technology physical cards use to mask the card information provided to the merchant, but let’s face it, chip cards take precious time to process. When using a digital wallet to make a purchase, the transaction is processed almost instantly, while using that same technology to keep your card information safe.

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