Hanna Holquin received a Great Gifts of Gratitude award from Great Western Bank

Local Hero: Hannah Holguin

Hannah is an Omaha South High Math teacher and prior to the pandemic she saw the need that her students were having and created a clothing closet out of her math classroom which evolved into food pantry for her students and their families. She was moved that older siblings were going without so that their younger siblings' needs could be met.

At the start of the school closing Hannah's compassion did not stop. She continued to reach out to the community through the Closet Omaha South Packer Pantry. She pulled out a grass root effort to find a way to supply meals to those in the Packer Community. She partnered with State Farm on K Street where they have served lunches for anyone in need every Tuesday and Thursday. She also volunteers with the Food Bank to serve families on Mondays. All while continuing to teach her students online and taking care of two beautiful little girls.

There isn't a day where she isn't out delivering meals to those that are not able to leave their homes. She has created adopt a family partnerships where she has matched families to support each other in their times of needs. Hannah doesn't stop with just feeding and teaching. She posts daily to help families find household needs even going as far as driving to Iowa several hours out to pick up a washer for a family with five children that were home bound. Her resourcefulness to reach so many people in our community and beyond is remarkable. Her girls get excited to do deliveries to help other people. If there is anyone in this community making a difference Hannah Holguin is the person you should recognize.

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Gustavo received a reward from Great Western Bank

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Ruth received an award from Great Western Bank

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