Ruth Sorilla received a Great Gifts of Gratitude award from Great Western Bank

Local Hero: Ruth Sorilla

Ruth is literally the anchor of the Everett community. A few years ago, she helped put together a local community group in the Everett neighborhood. The Everett neighborhood is a very diverse place. She envisioned a place where neighbors of ALL cultures and languages could come together to meet, eat, hang out, and discuss issues in the community that matter. The small monthly meetings turned into large gatherings, and have made our community a stronger, better place. Meaningful, working relationships have been made at these meetings. A newfound trust in each other was apparent.

When it was announced in March that schools would be canceled due to COVID, Ruth realized the school closure may impact many of the local families. Without hesitation, Ruth sent out an email to the community group offering child care to anyone who needed it. For the mother of 6, a household full of children was second nature. Because our community has grown to know and love Ruth, everyone knew their kids would be safe and loved at her house.

Outside of taking on childcare, Ruth has also worked with FoodNet in helping deliver excess food to the community. She has now been deemed "the bread lady" as she literally goes door to door delivering loaves of bread FoodNet was otherwise unable to distribute. She also provides transportation and assists the elders in the community in getting groceries and other essentials.

But she did not stop there. Her heart went out to the 5th graders in the community this year impacted by COVID-19. On a normal year, the 5th graders are celebrated at the end of the year with a big celebration and graduation at the end of the school year. This year was of course different. To bring cheer to the community and graduating 5th graders, Ruth gathered a group of moms to cheer on the 5th graders and their families when they came to pick up their supplies and drop off band instruments, etc on May 20th. If you saw some moms lining 11th street, holding up congratulation signs, and cheering, that was her.

She is what every community needs. She holds us down. She is our anchor.

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