Kevin & Vicky Beshara received a Great Gifts of Gratitude award from Great Western Bank

Local Heroes: Kevin & Vicky Beshara

Kevin and Vicky Beshara, owners of Colonial House Restaurant and Bar in Rapid City, are a couple who like to feed people. They are a couple who like to cook and it pleases them greatly to feed others. So when COVID19 happened and they heard that people are going hungry they couldn't just sit and do nothing, close up shop and shelter in place.

Through the pandemic Kevin and Vicky, along with their mighty CH crew and the help and contributions of others, created 800 meals for Young Life. Over the course of 10 weeks they created 500 meals every week for the YMCA who feed the jobless and homeless. Every weekend 100 sack lunches were taken to the Corner Stone Mission for 10 weeks.

Lastly, 10,000 meals were created for Meals On Wheels and an expected 10,000 more. Kevin and Vicky like to cook for people and maybe more importantly, they do not have an ounce of quit in them. Through their restaurant and all their hard-working employees, they were able to fee a lot of people when they needed it most.

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