Great Western Bank’s WomenConnect

The overall goal of WomenConnect is to increase visibility along with networking and leadership opportunities for all employees. Each state has its own chapter and focus.

Over 100 Random Acts of Kindness

This October, employees in our Lincoln, Southeast and Northeast Nebraska territories were each given $5.00 with the simple ask to perform a Random Act of Kindness in their community. Some branches pooled their resources, some added their own treasure to the initial $5.00, and some sought...

Making Life Great Grants

Great Western Bank has always believed in doing the right thing and putting the customer first. These values are imbedded within our corporate philosophy. We know that in order to be successful as a company our communities must also thrive.

Investing in People

From May through October, dozens of volunteers from Great Western Bank spend several hours each Saturday coordinating food donations.

Providing Expertise to the Department of Defense

“We’ve grown together with Great Western Bank and all during that time they’ve kept that close, community touch and that’s important to us,”

Financing an Entrepreneurial Spirit

What might sound crazy for some has translated into wild success for Torito, who bought Red Bird Farms in 1980.

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