online security

Great Western Bank remains dedicated to protecting your personal information and ensuring security throughout your Great Western ebanking experience. We utilize some important security procedures to help you protect your personal and business financial information. All online banking communications are scrambled through a powerful encryption technology call a "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL). SSL is the industry standard encryption, which helps ensure that no one can use data you send and receive to access your account(s).

  • An individual username and password is required for access and can be changed at any time to maintain security.
  • Your password will expire every 365 days. At the time of expiration, you will need to create a new, unique password. You will receive a warning message 10 days prior to expiration. 
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) in the form of verification codes is used to combat online fraud losses and credential theft due to cybercrime.
  • A session timer tracks your access. If no activity is recorded from your computer after a pre-determined amount of time, your session will be terminated. Further access will require you to log in again.
  • If the incorrect login credentials are entered five times in a row, account access will be denied until you contact the bank and your identity is confirmed.