Great Western Bank Secure Email

At Great Western Bank, we are committed to security. That's why we have provided a safe and easy option to send confidential information electronically to our bankers. By setting up a Great Western Bank Secure Email account, you will have a secure method of sending confidential information via email to us.

Using Great Western Bank Secure Email
You can create a Secure Email account for sending and/or receiving email with confidential information by clicking on the link within a secure email received from a Great Western Bank employee or by going directly to the Great Western Bank Secure Email website.

Things to Know
Secure Email will only send email to Great Western Bank employee email addresses.

Accounts set up on the Great Western Bank Secure Email web portal will automatically be deleted after six (6) months of inactivity. The Secure Email account is not for long-term storage. It is best to delete messages once you have retrieved them. All email messages will automatically be deleted after 14 days.

Passwords must include all of the following: alphanumeric characters, upper- and lowercase characters, and special characters (@, #, $, etc.).

Emails are limited to 15 MB in size (total per email message), and can have no more than 10 attachments.

Remember, do not put account numbers or social security numbers in the subject line; subject lines are not encrypted, and the email may be blocked if the subject line contains such information.

Setting up an Account

  • Follow the link at the top of the email to create your account ("For first time users, click here to create your account"). At the Registration page, enter your information to establish a mailbox to send and receive secure messages.

  • Enter your email address and a password. Re-enter the password, and then enter a password reminder phrase. NOTE: Passwords must contain alphanumeric characters, upper- and lowercase characters, and at least one special character (@, #, $, etc.).

  • Click on "Submit Password" to create your account and password.

  • You will receive a confirmation email in your email account used to set up the Secure Email account. You will need to click on the link to activate the password (account) or click the "Decline" link to not accept activation.

  • After clicking the "Activate" link, you will be directed to a confirmation page on the website.

  • Click on the "Continue" button to be directed to the regular login page at

  • Log in to use your new Secure Email account to correspond with your contacts at Great Western Bank whenever you need the extra level of security.