Renee Gullickson

Renee Gullickson

Mortgage Loan Officer


Great Western Bank

301 N Egan Ave
Madison, SD 57042

Renee's clients are singing her praises, as well they should be. She is the choir director, organist and soloist at her church.

However, Renee, too, thinks very highly of her customers. She enjoys sharing in the excitement of each customer who purchases their "dream home" or the couple who buys their "first home."

"I think we give the 'small town' service that people love by knowing all of our customers when they walk in the door," Renee explained. "Yet we have the variety of services and locations of a bigger bank."

When Renee isn’t busy at church or work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Tim, and two sons. Renee and Tim enjoy their family trips to the Black Hills and going to their sons’ school activities which include football, basketball, track, golf and baseball.

Renee graduated from Dakota State University in Madison, SD.

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