Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

Great Western Bank honors the contributions of those with a Hispanic heritage to our company, our country’s history, future growth and continued success.

Federal Funds Rate Update

One of our Financial Advisers analyzes recent happenings on the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC).

3 Steps to Paying Off Debt

A financial advisor with Great Western Bank talks about three strategies to help manage and eliminate your debt.

Investing in People

From May through October, dozens of volunteers from Great Western Bank spend several hours each Saturday coordinating food donations.

Providing Expertise to the Department of Defense

“We’ve grown together with Great Western Bank and all during that time they’ve kept that close, community touch and that’s important to us,”

Financing an Entrepreneurial Spirit

What might sound crazy for some has translated into wild success for Torito, who bought Red Bird Farms in 1980.

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