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Ask These Questions Before Opening Your First Account

Getting answers will help ensure you're prepared to choose which bank account is best for you.

October 10, 2016

By: Corinne Safford

1.) What fees could potentially be charged on my account and is there any way to offset them?

Every penny matters and can add up quickly to help pay for those ramen noodles you’re having for supper….again.

Make sure you ask about what fees are charged on the checking accounts you are considering and if you can see a fee schedule. Then, take a closer look at ways in which the fees may be able to be offset.

In some cases, you’ll need to use direct deposit or keep a certain minimum balance in the account, but there could be many ways, so don’t be afraid to ask your banker about them.

2.) How can I access my money and is there a charge?

It’s important to be able to access your funds easily and on the go. It depends on what your preferences are, but there should be online and mobile options for viewing balances, depositing checks, transferring money, or paying bills. And a debit card will save you from having to carry cash, allow you to pay online, or withdraw cash at an ATM.

And speaking of ATMs, don’t forget to ask if you have to pay fees at an ATM that is not affiliated with your financial institution. Fees of $2.50 to $3.00 every time add up each month and cuts into that ramen noodle budget.

Additional questions

  • What are the benefits and “extras” that come with the account?

  • Does the account have coupons or ways to utilize discounts in stores or at restaurants?

  • Does the account provide identity theft service?

  • Do you get a discount for not using checks?

  • If you use checks, do you get a free box of checks?


Asking the right questions can help save you valuable time and money

Learn more about the Checking Account options available at Great Western Bank or visit with a local banker on favorite Ramen Noodle flavors.


Corinne Safford is a VP Senior Retail Manager with Great Western Bank.


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