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Cyber criminals do not discriminate

They target computer systems that are part of a large corporation, a small business, or belong to a home user.

November 08, 2016


Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility for which we each have a role to play. To help protect you and your family from cyber threats, remember three simple steps that should be taken anytime you are working or using a personal PC/tablet/mobile phone.


Before using a computing device, take time to understand the risks and learn how to spot potential problems.

  • Stop hackers from accessing accounts – set secure passwords.
  • Stop sharing too much information – keep your personal information private.
  • Stop – trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, stop what you are doing.


Take a moment to be certain the path ahead is clear. Watch for warning signs and consider how your actions online could impact the safety and soundness of you and your family.

  • Think about the information you send in an email or post online before you share it.
  • Think how your online actions can affect your personal offline life.
  • Think before you act – don’t automatically click on links or respond to unsolicited emails.


Enjoy the technological advances of the 21st century with greater confidence knowing that you’ve taken the right steps to protect your personal information, which in turn will help protect others.

  • Connect over secure networks and check your privacy and security settings regularly.
  • Connect with people you know.
  • Connect with care and be on the lookout for potential threats.

Learn about how cybersecurity responsibilities can be shared within your network.


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