Great Western ebanking personal financial management tool.

Great Western ebanking Money Management

Organize your Financial Life

April 04, 2018

By: Danielle Terrones

Looking for a better way to manage your budgets? Look no further. The Great Western ebanking Money Management tool is a free budgeting program that provides a big-picture view of your finances. It creates a centralized spot so you can see what’s going on across your bank accounts, credit cards, and more, all in one place.

At Great Western Bank, Making Life Great means we’re making it easier to manage your financial life. Money Management provides the tools to help you…

  • Save money
  • Track spending
  • Create budgets
  • Pay off debt
  • Set financial goals

The Great Western ebanking Money Management tool is free and simple to use, and it is available both online and through the Great Western ebanking mobile app. Log in and take advantage of the tech that’s available to you. Track your finances and focus on growing your wealth. For more information and a list of handy FAQs, visit our Money Management page.

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