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Answers to Your Top Digital Wallet Questions

Great Western Bank debit cards can now be added to a digital wallet for making purchases in-store or in-app with participating merchants.

Not familiar with digital wallets? Get the answers to your top questions right here.

What is a digital wallet and why should I use it?

Digital wallets are your wallet – but in digital form. Digital wallets allow you to make a purchase in a store or in an app at participating merchants without your physical card. Instead, you just need your mobile phone or wearable device. Digital wallets are:

  • Convenient

    You don’t have to worry about having your card with you.

  • Fast

    Transactions made with a digital wallet are almost instant instead of having to insert your card and waiting for the transaction to process.

  • Secure

    During a transaction, merchants are provided with a one-time password, or a token, rather than your card number, making it tough for a fraudster to steal your personal information.

What Great Western Bank cards are eligible for digital wallet?

Eligible debit cards include consumer, business and HSA accounts.

Do Great Western Bank debit cards work with the most popular mobile wallets available?

Yes. Great Western Bank debit cards can be added to Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, Samsung Pay®, Fitbit Pay® or Garmin Pay®.

How do I add my Great Western Bank debit card to my digital wallet?

It’s easy. Digital wallets come preloaded on most mobile devices. If not, visit your app store to download. Then, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to load your card into your digital wallet. Instructions include verifying your card information (which is never stored on your device), reviewing the terms and conditions, completing a verification step, and that’s it! Your card is ready to use.

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