7 Summer Savings Tips

7 Ways to Save Money this Summer

June 20, 2020 was the official start of the summer season and it’s safe to say this year is going to be different than any other - outdoor activities are limited and many people are suspending summer vacation plans. There is a silver lining, though: this is a great time to save money. Here are 7 money-saving tips to help you pocket some extra cash this summer. 

1. Skip the car wash

Opt to wash your car at home this summer and you could save you $60 - $100! Every week that you’d usually drive through the car wash, transfer $10 to your savings account. Bonus: this is a great activity to keep the kids busy.

2. Eat al fresco

Keep your home cool and your AC bill low by taking dinner plans outside to grill rather than using the stove or oven. Plus, cooking outside turns an ordinary dinner into a fun picnic. 

3. Replace your air conditioner filters

This regular maintenance can be easy to overlook but a dirty filter can restrict airflow and slow the overall efficiency of the air conditioner. Replace your filter regularly to avoid longer run times and higher cooling costs.

4. Give your dryer a break

Save on your electric bill by letting the warm summer sun air dry your clothes rather than using the dryer. Hang clothes on a line and let nature take care of the rest. If you can’t hang up clothes outside, try using your dryer on a lower heat setting.

5. Ride your bike

If you have errands to run that are close by, riding your bike is an economical option that can save you money and give you a great workout at the same time. Plus, you might be more mindful of what you buy knowing that you may not be able to carry much. Remember to lock your bike and wear a helmet!

6. Grow your own food

Get the whole family involved and start a backyard garden. Together, you can grow veggies, fruit and herbs. 

7. Wash your clothes in cold water

Two easy ways to cut down on the amount of energy your home eats up is to use less water and use a cooler water temperature when washing clothes. By just moving your washer temperature settings from hot to warm could cut each load’s energy in half! 
Remember, saving money all summer is just the first step to reaching your goals. It’s important to create a plan specific to your needs. Are you saving for something special or simply growing your emergency fund? By setting goals for saving, you will be able to start seeing progress which can help you stay motivated to keep saving throughout the summer and beyond.

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