Amner Martinez received a Great Gifts of Gratitude award from Great Western Bank.

Local Hero: Amner Martinez

Power does not reside in the position of a person, it lies in the ability to do good things for people. Amner Martinez is the owner of a small business with limited resources, outside the public health or government system, and with limited experience in public health crisis.

Nonetheless, when Amner saw that the most vulnerable were bearing the brunt of the pandemic, he sprung into action and built coalitions, developed imitatives, and advocated for the protection of the most vulnerable.

Amner was one of the leaders of a radiothon, fundraising initiative that raised tens of thousands of dollars to be distributed to immigrants and small businesses through non-profits in Des Moines, Iowa. Most people never heard his name but countless hours of work by him led to the tremendous success of this event.

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Hannah received an award from Great Western Bank

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Hannah saw the need that her students were having and created a clothing closest out of her math classroom which evolved into food pantry for her students and their families.

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Local Heroes: Kevin & Vicky Beshara

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Michaela received an award from Great Western Bank

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