Cassandra Leow received a Great Gifts of Gratitude award from Great Western Bank

Local Hero: Cassandra Leow

Cassandra, a therapist, has volunteered her time to give free therapy for anyone who is in need during these uncertain times.

By leading the way in offering free sessions for those in need she has put together a network of therapists who joined her in providing mental health care.

From starting with just wanting to give back to the community while we get through this she managed to start a cause that is helping people get through these times.

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Local Heroes: Kevin & Vicky Beshara

Kevin and Vicky like to cook for people and maybe more importantly, they do not have an ounce of quit in them. 10,000 meals were created for Meals On Wheels and an estimated 10,000 more.

Gustavo received a reward from Great Western Bank

Local Hero: Gustavo

Gustavo is a key volunteer at Des Moines food pantry who helps distribute food, manage the parking lot, run produce and food recovery items to cars, and most importantly, he translates for families who are coming to receive food.

Ruth received an award from Great Western Bank

Local Hero: Ruth Sorilla

Ruth put together a local community group where neighbors of all cultures and languages could eat, socialize, support each other and discuss issues in the community.