External Transfers

More control over your money

You can now move your money when and where you want with two options within External Transfers: Popmoney® and Transfer Between My Accounts.

Popmoney® is a personal payment system that allows you to pay your family and friends with a few simple clicks. Send money to other people using their email address or phone number. You can pay a sitter, split a check, send some gas money to your college student, or repay your portion of a gift without going to the bank or writing a check.

Transfer Between My Accounts is a feature that gives you the opportunity to transfer money between your accounts, even the ones you may not have with us. Although we would love to service all of your accounts, we know that Great Western Bank may not be the only place you do your banking. So, we have made it easy for you to transfer money to your other accounts. Or better yet, you can transfer money from those accounts directly to your Great Western Bank account!

Frequently Asked Questions

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