Retirement Plan Solutions

Our mission is to “Make Retirement Great” by partnering with plan sponsors and participants to create successful retirement planning experiences.  We achieve this by delivering a retirement plan service model that gives plan sponsors and participants the incentive, information, tools, knowledge, and the support they need to maximize the benefits offered in their retirement plan.

For the Plan Sponsor

We focus on four key drivers that influence the success of your plan and participants.  We then customize a client service plan that seeks to improve your plan’s overall health.

  • Strategic and Effective Plan Design

    We ensure your plan is structured to meet your goals and objectives while providing participants with opportunities to fund a successful retirement. Utilizing plan design elements such as Roth 401(k) contributions, automatic enrollment, and automatic escalation can dramatically effect participant plan balances. Our cross testing plan design expertise may also allow for increased contributions for key employees.
  • Sound Fiduciary Practice Management

    We will review your retirement plan business practices and recommend steps to help you meet your fiduciary responsibilities, document your fulfillment of those duties, and minimize your potential liability. Assisting you to act prudently, follow your plan documents, diversify plan investments, and to pay only reasonable expenses.
  • Investment Options

    We will help you design and monitor a diversified investment menu utilizing the lowest cost and best performing investment options available on your platform. We typically act as a 3(21) fiduciary to assist plan sponsors in selecting and monitoring investments, but also have the ability to relieve you of that fiduciary responsibility by acting as a 3(38) fiduciary and making those fund decisions for you.
  • Employee Education and Communication

    We will partner with you to deliver consistent, targeted educational services to your employees centered around how much they need to be saving and what amount of monthly income they will need to produce to enjoy a successful retirement. Our education specialists utilize proven behavioral finance concepts to deliver practical, understandable, and meaningful information tailored specifically to your employee group.

For the Participant

It is important that participants know and understand how to best utilize the online tools.  We believe in personal interaction with your participants to provide the power of discussion with a professional advisor who cares and understands what it takes to fund a successful retirement.  We will partner with you to provide consistent, measurable employee educational programs that are delivered by professionals with no conflicts of interest.

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